For Applicants

Here’s what you need!

To be considered to be put forward to one of our vacancies you need to prove to us that you have what it takes to fulfill all the roles and requirements laid out in the relevant job descriptions. This will be assessed via competency-based questions along with assessments relevant to the vacancy applied for. Of course this will be in conjunction with the quality of a candidates CV and overall impression.

Here’s how you can apply!

Head over now to our current vacancies page where you can search through our vacancies and apply directly through social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked in. Alternatively you can email or call 01392 341086


Please find below sections to include in your Curriculum Vitae.

Personal Statement
Writing your personal statement is the first step to creating a quality CV. Some companies only peruse an individual CV for literally a matter of seconds. This means that a first response is vital. A personal statement should read a bit like a blurb for a book. The reader must be incentivized to read on. This will only be the case if the personal statement is tailored to the role that you are applying for.  Keep it concise and use any awards, accolades or specific achievements to gain a good impression.

Work Experience
Your work experience should be detailed and not leave any gaps. It should start with your current role and work backwards. Once again you should highlight key achievements and responsibilities also keeping in mind the role applied for.

Key Skills and Personality
It is a good idea to bullet point the key aspects of your skills and personality traits so that these are not missed if in other sections. Make sure once again that you highlight traits and skills relevant to roles applied for.

An overview of qualifications is a must. These should include GCSE’s, A Levels, Degrees or equivalents. You should also include any vocation qualifications or awards acquired.

My Interview

The interview with Penguin Consultants
When you interview/register with Penguin you should be as honest, forthcoming and detailed as possible. We will then match you to relevant roles with accuracy and success. This is a two way interview. We need to be confident enough in you for you to represent the quality of our brand at interview and you need the confidence in the vacancy and client to move forward with a feeling of excitement and progression.

You should treat the interview as exactly that so that we can gain a clear picture as to how you would interview with one of our clients. Therefore dress accordingly and respond how you would at interview.

From here we would endeavor to put you forward for interview with a relevant client.

The interview with a client
At interview with a client first impressions are everything and therefore a suit, tie and firm handshake are advisable. Research is key as this will lead to you feeling more confident about the interview and make it clear to the interviewer that you are taking things seriously. Interviews often contain competency sections aimed specifically at the role and more generic getting to know each other type questioning. It is important to be honest. Giving answers that you feel are what the interviewer wants to here will normally lead to a negative outcome. One of the main things an interviewer will be looking for is that you can fit into their team so it is important to factor this in to your responses.

It would be misleading to our clients if we over prepared candidates for interview and therefore its vital to do your own research.
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